What better way to get children interested in the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) than to the connect them to the things children love to do?

STEMstitute develops customized, STEM curriculum to connect STEM concepts with athletic activities (running, jumping, biking, etc.).  The result: children become excited about STEM learning, are more aware of how STEM relates to the activities they care about, and become more mentally engaged in their recreation.


STEMstitute develops and incorporates customized, STEM curriculum into the service offerings of recreation businesses that cater to elementary and junior high-aged children.  The resulting hands-on, interactive, and fun classes allow companies to offer school field trips and add an educational component into their classes thereby


  1. Expanding their marketability,
  2. Attracting more customers, and
  3. Increasing their competitive advantage.


STEMstitute curriculum provides a new market to promote and deliver STEM education that is connected to fun, athletic activities.


STEMstitute curriculum provides parents with innovative methods to connect their children’s activities with STEM education.  Trips to the local jump park, bike rides, and soccer games turn into an opportunity for learning that will build in their child a love for exploring, discovering, and creating.