…of fascination

     …of play

     …of discovery

     …of understanding

     …of inspiration 


These are the faces that STEMstitute curriculum aims to produce.  


By adopting our unique curriculum that ties STEM concepts to the athletic activities that children love, you will see more and more of these faces as they play and learn, simultaneously.  


Our Story

Maureen Welcker has spent more than 20 years in the field of education.  Using her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins, she has developed curriculum and taught classes that engage students and inspire them to explore, discover, learn, and create. 

But it wasn’t until she pulled her three children out of school for a year to travel around to our nation’s national parks* that she realized just how much learning can be accomplished when it is tied to recreation and fun.  Her children returned home from traveling to our nation’s parks, monuments, riverways, battlefields, memorials, seashores, historic sites, etc. more knowledgeable about and connected to the world around them.  Her oldest son continues to amaze his teachers with his writing and reading abilities as well as his American history knowledge; her six-year-old daughter rattles off plant and presidential names in regular conversation; and her middle son self-sufficiently cooks, cleans, creatively builds, and regulates his family’s water use.  


The success of her family’s trip left Maureen wanting to explore ways to continue linking learning and play.  She wanted to focus on STEM education, an area she felt very passionate about and also an area that she had a lot of knowledge about and experience teaching.  Maureen knew that STEM concepts were more than school subjects, formulas to memorize, notes to take, or computer programs to try to figure out.  To her, STEM education was an approach to looking at our world, leading people not only to know STEM concepts but also to understand where, why, when, and how they relate to everyday activities.  


Building on her belief that the concepts of STEM cross over into just about every area of our lives, Maureen realized how easy it would be to connect science, technology, engineering, and mathematic topics to people’s favorite pastimes.  She also realized doing so would result in fun, interactive, and memorable educational experiences that would further engage people in their pastimes.  So she came up with the idea of connecting STEM education to recreational activities and STEMstitute was born.  



* You can learn more about Maureen and her family’s national park year from the Boston Globe and the Idaho Statesman.