What is STEM?


STEM is a very popular field of education that focuses on combining the concepts of science (S), technology (T), engineering (E), and mathematics (M) into real-world, problem-based learning. 



Yeah, but what’s with all the hype?

Why jobs, of course!!!  In the last few decades research has shown that the number of jobs in STEM-related fields is skyrocketing.  But at the same time, the number of qualified candidates available to fill these “jobs of tomorrow” is far below the demand.



 What’s the solution?


Start early and make it fun!!!


Educators are now connecting STEM with the things we all love to do.  STEM activities and classes are stimulating, fun, and focus on real-world application.  The idea is that early, simple exposure to STEM concepts will build an excitement for exploring, discovering, and creating today and lead to a foundation for higher learning tomorrow.



 Is the solution working?


YES!!!  Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have suddenly become cool!  Children are unknowingly falling in love with topics that were once viewed as boring and parents are clamoring to expose their children to more and more STEM classes and opportunities. 



What products/services do STEMstitute provide?  


Customized, STEM curriculum based on specific types of recreation.  Class teachers and/or train-the-trainer services can also be provided. 



What ages do STEMstitute curriculum target?


Ages 5-14 years; i.e., elementary and junior high students. 



What do youth gain from STEMstitute courses?


By engaging in fun and interactive lessons, children gain a better understanding of the athletic activities they love from the perspective of STEM concepts.  Learning the how, what, why, when, and where behind recreation activities also helps youth become more mentally and physically engaged in their play.  And STEM education is put into action, making the associated education concepts more intriguing and exciting.  Athletes become more academic and academics become more athletic.  



What types of recreation can STEMstitute create a course for? 


Examples include activities such as running, swimming, reading, jumping, gymnastics, bowling, tennis, lacrosse, basketball, playing instruments, dancing, singing, fishing, water slides, roller coasters, video gaming, amusement park rides, ice skating, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, softball, golf, biking, yoga, skateboarding, the list goes on and on….


What is the difference between STEMstitute curriculum developed for recreation businesses and alternative education providers versus families?

STEMstitute curriculum is customized for each recreation businesses and alternative education providers as well as each recreation activity.  Such courses are made to be delivered to youth in a group setting.   STEMstitute curriculum created for families is tailored to specific recreation activities only and is meant to be taught to only a few children at a time.