From the beginning, Princess Awesome has strived to create clothing that allow girls to mirror their personalities and interests through what they wear. Now STEMstitute wants to take yet another next step in supporting and expanding girls’ passions by providing parents with information and activities that connect STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education concepts with Princess Awesome clothing themes.

Why STEM? STEM education opens the door for girls to become today and tomorrow’s movers and shakers by fostering creative thinking, increasing science knowledge, and enabling a new generation of innovators.

Why Princess Awesome clothes? Research has shown that to be effective, education needs to meet children where they are at and to connect to what children enjoy.  Princess Awesome clothing strives to reflect what each girl is passionate about and connecting STEM to those passions will

  • Further excite girls about STEM learning,
  • Build awareness of how STEM relates to what girls care about, and
  • Make girls more mentally engaged in their play (and their clothes!).

Why me? Children generally have strong opinions that develop early and stick with them. But research studies are finding that parents through their enthusiasm and support have HUGE impacts on fostering and maintaining children’s interests and even that topics and activities emphasized at home promote children’s academic and (eventually) career choices.   STEMstitute’s “I Know It!” resources provide families with information and activities that make STEM fun and further engage girls both in what they love and in what they wear.