Children generally have strong opinions that develop early and stick with them.  STEMstitute’s I Know It products strive to capitalize on those interests by showing parents how to connect STEM to their children’s passions.  And with this new knowledge, STEM is put into action and children start to “see” and understand the STEM that is all around them.  



STEM education opens the door for children to become today and tomorrow’s movers and shakers by fostering creative thinking, increasing science knowledge, and enabling a new generation of innovators.

Why me?

Research studies are finding that parents through their enthusiasm and support have HUGE impacts on fostering and maintaining children’s interests and that topics and activities emphasized at home promote children’s academic and (eventually) career choices.

How do I use these resources?

I Know It products are meant to provide parents with conversation starters and activities that can be used before, during, and/or after their child/family participates in hobbies, entertainment, games, sports, vacation, and play, in general.