Students (Level: K-6th grade) connect running to STEM concepts in the following ways:

1. Why does running come “naturally”?  Why don’t I need to think about how to run?: Students calculate how many steps they have taken in their lifetime and muscle memory is explained.

2. How did I learn to run?:  Students demonstrate and explain the process they went through as babies to learn how to run.

3. How is my body engineered to run?: Students make muscle and knee joint models.

4. How does my body have the energy to run?: Connections are made with fuel needed by machines.

5. Why do I sweat? A hands-on activity is conducted to demonstrate how sweating cools down the body.

6. How does my body work with its surroundings to move?:  Demonstrations and calculations are used to explain how Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion are connected to running.

7. Why do I need running shoes?: After some discussion, students have the opportunity to design their own running shoe. 


“Doing this class right before our Jogathon was great!  I feel it got students ready to think about how their bodies work and what’s happening when they run.” 1st Grade Teacher

“I think it’s cool to learn about how the body works, especially in sports.” 6th Grade Student

“I love STEM!  I was excited to learn how it relates to how I run.” 3rd Grade Student